Edinburgh Reviews #3: Lucy Porter’s Love-in

Lucy Porter’s Love-in
Company: Lucy Porter
Venue: Pleasance – One
Date: 21 Aug ’07

As the title of the show suggests, Porter’s show this year was all about love, and in particular the idea that love is some sort of mental illness. It is a good concept for a show, and was nicely used to introduce some audience participation into the show: the format was essentially several stories which were followed by a quick show of hands to determine whether the actions described were rational or not. Often, it seems, these stirred up arguments between couples in the audience. Porter has a relaxed manner on stage, and it is hard not to warm to her bouncy energy. She had an easy conversational relation to the audience and, whilst not exactly a Ross Noble, managed a fair amount of entertaining interaction with the audience.

It does however have to be said that, in and of itself, the subject matter is not an especially challenging one for comedy; what gave the show its fresh feel was more the approach taken to the stories told, which was exceedingly open and honest, than the choice of material. Nonetheless, it did feel fresh. Sadly, I cannot say that I loved it. The show was well put together, professional, and I can’t think of much it did wrong. But it wasn’t amazing.


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