Labour minister praises Lib Dem tax plans?

According to the Big British Castle, treasury minister Angela Eagle is quite taken with our policies on tax. At least, that’s the slant of the story. To be honest, it looks a bit fishy; the only direct quote in the article that I can see is not exactly prominently displayed and looks pretty ambiguous:

At a Fabian Society fringe event at Labour’s conference, Ms Eagle was asked if her party faced a “challenge” from its opponents when it came to talking about the top end of the tax scale.

She replied: “Yes. And I for one hope we’re going to do a bit of talking about that.”

In addition, unless the lineup of Angela Eagle, Vince Cable and David Laws were at two fringe meetings last night, this is the very same meeting of which Linda Jack has already given us a fairly thorough rundown, without mentioning any interesting concessions to the Lib Dems from the esteemed Exchequer Secretary to the Treasury.

A bit of story invention from an otherwise pretty dull conference?

Oh, and while I’m about it, might I just question the illustration of the story with a picture of an Evening Standard billboard reading “Massive Council Tax Rise”, captioned “The Lib Dems want to tax the super-rich”? Does this not seem like an unworthy propaganda manouvre to paint us as council tax raisers, and not abolishers? Just a thought…


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