Labour U-turn on Renewables

Well, I guess this shows you just how committed to the environment Labour are. They only signed up to the deal in March.

Interesting comments at the bottom of the Guardian’s article on this:

One of the main objections of government to meeting the renewables target set by Mr Blair is that it will undermine the role of the European emission trading scheme. This scheme was devised by the Treasury under Mr Brown and allows wealthy governments to pay others to reduce emissions. “[Meeting the 20% renewables target] crucially undermines the scheme’s credibility … and reduces the incentives to invest in other carbon technologies like nuclear power”, say the papers.

So is this mainly because Gordon would rather just pay others to make the changes we need? Or is this for the nuclear industry’s benefit?

Either way, this is ludicrous. Ambitious targets for renewable energy are surely vital to tackling climate change?

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