Daniel Kawczynski Asks a Silly Question

My local MP, dear old Daniel, had a letter in the local paper the other day. It is mostly the usual sort of stuff from a Tory, demonising young people instead of facing an altogether more complex problem.

But one particular bit of it caught my eye as being especially easily answered, even for a letter from a Tory.

Daniel asks when you last saw a teenage pissed on real ale.

Well, speaking only for myself, Daniel… quite recently.

To take the letter a bit more seriously, though, note how smoothly it elides “the right people [to be targeted with binge drinking taxation]” with “a teenager”. Because of course, we all know that it’s only people under 20 who binge drink. Ho yuss (pdf).

One Response to “Daniel Kawczynski Asks a Silly Question”

  1. Nonconformistradical Says:

    “Because of course, we all know that it’s only people under 20 who binge drink.”

    But the public perception is of binge drinking being mainly a young person issue since that is how it is portrayed in the media and the weekend episodes shown on TV of mass misbehaviour involving excessive alcohol consumption appear to involve principally young people.

    Many people on seeing an older person suffering from the effects of excessive alcohol consumption in a public place wouldn’t call them a binge drinker – they’d call them a wino or something like that and not consider that the older and younger people drinking to excess are all part of the same problem.

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