What My Vote Achieved

…in the Lib Dem internal elections (of course!).
I won’t bore you with a full rundown of where all my prefs went, but my first prefs were allocated as follows:
Fed. Executive: Caron Lindsay

Fed. Policy Comm.: Richard Flowers

Fed. Conference Comm.: Zoe O’Connell

International Relations Comm.: Nasser Butt

ELDR Delegation: Aliss Moss


And here is what my votes ended up supporting:


Fed. Executive: Caron Lindsay elected

Fed. Policy Comm.: Gareth Epps elected

Fed. Conference Comm.: Justine McGuinness elected

International Relations Comm.: Gordon Lishman elected

ELDR Delegation: Aliss Moss elected


So, not quite what I most wanted, but thanks to STV I can point to someone on each of the committees, and say “I helped put them there.”

Which is pretty nifty.


4 Responses to “What My Vote Achieved”

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  2. Caron Lindsay Says:

    Thank you so much for your support. I really appreciate it so much. I’m thrilled to have been elected – please keep in touch over the next two years and tell me what you think about things.

    • Andy Says:

      You’re welcome, and don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll hear from me!

  3. Andrew Hickey Says:

    It’s interesting to see that pretty much everyone I respect in the party put Caron, Richard and Zoe as their first preferences for those roles (and those would also have been my choices had I been eligible to vote). If only we could find some way to let the party as a whole know how good those people are.

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