LMAO – Thanks, Neil Stockley

Neil has just written this about Nixonland. This rang a bell with me, but I haven’t read the book, so I set out to find out where I’d heard of it from. My search wound up on Sam Seder’s (now ex-) show blog on Air America’s website, specifically this post, which corresponded to an interview with Perlstein about Nixonland that I had heard.

The reason for the post, however, is that I came across this post in the process, and in turn this fantastic clip. Enjoy!

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Maron v Seder = Excellent

Readers of this blog (at least, those with a) long memories and b) any concern about things I like whatsoever) may remember me mentioning Marc Maron before, here and here.Well, I now have the opportunity to plug a couple of things Marc is doing that you can actually go and find on the Electric Internet. One of them is that Guardian America, the US face of our very own Grauniad, has signed up Maron to go on a road trip with them, apparently. Which is nice, but so far the promised “daily short videos” are either very well hidden amongst the “On The Road” posts, or have failed to materialise. I wonder what’s going on there?

Anyway, meanwhile Maron is also involved in the actually-happening-at-the-moment daily webcast Maron v Seder. This is a daily ~45 minute video feed narrowcast live at 3pm Eastern Time (8pm GMT, for the British). It can be found live here, and you can also stream old episodes on demand here, or subscribe to the podcast here. So what is it? It’s essentially a comparatively tightly produced radio show with pictures hosted by Marc Maron and Sam Seder (both ex-Air Ameria Radio hosts), with – so far – one guest per day, comedy segments (don’t worry, they’re usually genuinely funny), questions from listeners, and Maron and Seder’s analysis of the day’s political news, from an unashamedly left/liberal perspective.

As a fan of both hosts’ radio shows of the past, especially the brilliant Morning Sedition, I would recommend it as a great way to stay abreast of US politics, election or no election. If you’re not yet convinced, here’s a sample, in the form of Episode 2, from Thursday last week:

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